Development Blog

Announcements of new features and changes.

The following changes are included in today's update:


  • group reports now include people signed up for group jobs
  • documents in group pages now arranged by type same as on main docs page
  • users can no longer edit the member list for groups they belong to

Mail Lists

  • posts can now be se...

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  • users can now click on the slideshow on the login page to stop/start it, remembered across sessions
  • added robots.txt file to prevent search engine indexing of login page (rest of site already unable to be indexed)
  • added Modules section to Edit Site. can be used to set which modules are active on...

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Each website is backed up every night in two locations.

The ability to backup your website and its data has been added.

If you select “Edit Site” from the dropdown menu in the upper right, you’ll go to a page with several backup links. There is a section of links for backups of the databas...

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